'ok boomer - retro aesthetic' Sticker by eliota


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  1. Posted by gorgxtegan, — Reply

    My dog is called Boomer hahahahah 😂😭

  2. Posted by natsut0xxic_q, — Reply

    E vamos de Luba kk

  3. Posted by k1tty6buny, — Reply

    OK luba

  4. Posted by tr4shy_kyoko, — Reply

    Does anyone know what that fonts called

  5. Posted by aestheticcc_thingz, — Reply

    Hi everyone. I make custom wallpapers for free. Just dm me!

  6. Posted by DanDanThe_MuffinMan, — Reply

    This is overrated

  7. Posted by kasskaycantrell, — Reply

    Ok boomer

  8. Posted by ampxfatom, — Reply


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